Before i explain what it is. First i wanted to explain how i come up with the idea. People was telling me how much they hated PayPal and how many times they have rip off by PayPal. And no, on one wan to competition and no one wants to go up against one of the beloved and The third biggest company in the world when I tell people what I was going to be doing everyone was “like no, don’t do that because they’re all gonna be people you’re not gonna like it I’m going to be mad at you for taking down PayPal”. And “I told them everyone is going to be mad at anything in life”. And “everybody told me no other company would want to compete with them since they are so large. But the reason why they are so big is because PayPal thinks that no one would compete with them I know this is not gonna be easy but I am committed to do so!”

What is The difference between PayPal and pay right?

The cons I have PayPal

PayPal is the third largest Company in the world

They scam people out of their money

They have high transaction fees

Sometimes it’s complicated to get the button to work on your website

It’s not 100% US base

And you have to login to make a transaction with your debit or credit card.

The pros of PayPal

It’s easy to understand if you know what you’re doing.

It’s easy to convert into any  currency that you want.

The cons a pay right

It’s a brand new company

Will not be released until sometime 2020 or 2021

Going to be heated at first

The pros are paid right

Going to be a comparator a PayPal

Have new and existing features at launch

Easy to use Interface

Even though it’s going to be launching in 2020 or 21 is going to be A big slap in the face to PayPal and all the other merchant services out there.

My final thoughts

PayPal has been around for many years and I have the trust of millions of people and is the largest e-commerce platform out there. But pay rate is going to sneak up on PayPal and get them the best so that people have seen in a while. It’s gonna be an interesting show down for the new decade

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