Started in 2016 DNRS word development and Nextiva the number one VoIP are now partnering up to bring you the best deal and phone systems, now you can have a beautiful looking website and a professional business line together. And making sure that you go getting the best of both worlds. Now you are able to get discounts for just working with us you really don’t see website development companies and phone systems working together that much that’s why we think this is an amazing opportunity to take a vantage of this special partnership and we will be here every step of the way to help you get online and get your business phone set up. So, if you are having issues with your current provider wherever that might be. And if they don’t have the features you want and don’t want to deal with the hassle of getting new phone numbers for your business go to this link


 and fill out the form and someone from Nextiva Will get in contact with you to find out what your needs and wants are to provide you the best service possible. And if you don’t want to spend money on getting business phones you can also use their cell phones that comes with your service so you’ll be able to use the soft phone from iOS, Android, PC, and more to stay connected with your customers. And have an amazing website so you can generate more money or get more visitors whatever your goal might be. We also use Nextiva App for our business services, and we can tell you that the prices are amazing, and the customer service is fantastic! And their customer service is 24 seven which is a plus because a lot of these other phone systems on Monday through Friday

What is PaidRight?

Before i explain what it is. First i wanted to explain how i come up with the idea. People was telling me how much they hated PayPal and how many times they have rip off by PayPal. And no, on one wan to competition and no one wants to go up against one of the beloved...

How we got started!

How we got started!

We got started In 2016 DNRS Records, Entertainment, LLC paid a website development Company to create a website for  ACR Records & Beat Production a division of DNRS Recordings their recording label but the website was Static site meaning the recording label would...

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