We got started

In 2016 DNRS Records, Entertainment, LLC paid a website development Company to create a website for  ACR Records & Beat Production a division of DNRS Recordings their recording label but the website was Static site meaning the recording label would have to Call The web development company that they use to make any changes to the website. That’s when DNRS Records, Entertainment, LLC. Decided to open up a

web development

division so the company can provide their services to everyone and anyone that needs website development and need to get online for a


. And we understand how difficult it is to have an amazing idea, have a perfect product, or just have a story to tell but you might not have enough money to pay a

website developer

or have the time to build one yourself. Or owner company that needed a wonderful restaurant look at website, but I don’t have time to spend managing it. Or might not have time to contact the company who created the website for you and have them update the website. And if you want to have it do your ability to update the website yourself you would have to have

dynamic website

which could cost you anywhere from $500 to even $10,000 or more depending on what you need or want. Buy here at DNRS web development we made it easy to get a website and get online for less! So, with her if you want to update the site yourself or if you want us to update the site for you. Our prices are fair and flexible, and we are making improvements on our services and adding new services every 3 to 6 months to a year



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